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02 April 2012 @ 02:33

So after spamming it all over my twitter and tumblr, time for LJ. Basically, I'm a very excited girl RN.
I even told my mum seeing as none of my friends are awake and she got a bit annoyed at me going into her room crying BUT IT'S OK.
I'll admit I only found out about them about June 2010 but I felt like I'd really connected with something with the actual band. I loved Bou so much, and when I realised he'd left, I was sad, because I realised if they came back he wouldn't be there. I wonder what happened to him though >_>

Then today I found a post saying "NYAPPY RETURRRNNNS" and I got so excited while worrying it was a joke. But it's not. And I'll be aiming to somehow manage a miracle and save £2000 in the space of 5 months or so to see them live, or at least watch it on some stream and get a DVD.

Overall, I'm ridiculously happy RN. ;w;

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01 April 2012 @ 20:27
Please help! I'm a beginner and I can't really afford brand. I'm looking for a Chocolat á la mode JSK replica. Read more...Collapse )
I dont really like the idea of a replica and I know that a few Lolitas look down on them, but I really can't afford the real deal, although if I could, I would.
It's a dress I've had my eyes on for a while but my mum won't let me pay out so much money for it.. she's ok with under £200 though if that helps.
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27 March 2012 @ 16:22

Look what arrived~! I haven't opened it properly yet but I will take photos later on ^^

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26 March 2012 @ 22:18
Helloo~!  I'm Amii!

This post will basically be a roundup of who I am and stuff like that because to be honest, I've not got anything cool to post about
on my first post

m(_ _)m sorry ><;

So, lets have a profile post! I was too lazy to put this in my profile settings originally so.. this'll be good I guess!

My names Amii and I'm from the UK! England to be exact. Heard of it? Tea, Beatles, that sort of stuff..
It's actually not very interesting..
So far, I hate tea.  ^^; and I don't listen to the old bands even though they're proper legends in the music world.

I'm more into foreign stuff because its unique and different to the norm! I don't know if thats the reason, but I like this reason because
it makes me sound smarter than I really am..? (・_・?)
My favourite styles are tied, Super sweet lolita and Fairy Kei but oshare kei comes a close second ^^ I'm actually a really shy
person though so I guess it's hard for me to start wearing, but this year I aim to start wearing a sort-of fairy kei
I like Tommy heavenly6 but I LOOVVVEEEEEE Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and An Cafe.
I have a super attraction to cute stuff~!

And finally~ I really like anime. A lot of lolitas look down on lolitas who like anime (maybe this is why I don't want to wear it, but in case your an aspiring otaku-lolita reading this, not ALL. just a few, I got dramatic..sorry ><;) but
I want to wear it one day. My likes and dislikes don't matter, as long as the outfit (and personality 'A') is ok~!
If I like an anime or manga, I'll *REALLY* like it, so when a cool anime-related thing arrives at my door, I WILL put a photo and sort of round up on here because I have nothing better to do with my time ^*^
I've mostly got Madoka stuff on order recently, all my favourite things are ending too.. Anime world, y u no good? DDDDDD;

But anyways, TL;DR - Aspiring fairy-kei, likes anime, english. (^ _ ^)/ Byee for this post, will attempt to update regularly.. ><
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